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Book of the Fortnight

February 26, 2013


Time Out Hong Kong: Book of the Fortnight
“Lampila weaves the story in her debut novel backwards and forwards with skill. As the lives of a woman and a man collide after meeting at a conference in Milan, nothing is quite as it seems. And, using two perspectives, certain scenes are visited twice. As two people rarely experience things the same, this lends a unique and insightful dimension. The novel is a realistic take on romance – bittersweet and with ambiguity to let the reader think for themselves.”
— Laura Besley (Time Out Hong Kong issue 124 February 13-26, 2013)


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December 2, 2012

Quote from 7 Days and Counting

“Well, hello, rose” – “Good night, cactus” from 7 Days and Counting.

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October 27, 2012

Story begins on 27.10.12

October 6, 2012